Myanmar: Grimy Greens Reign in Coronavirus

Schools and cinemas have shut their doors here in Mandalay. Even the Burmese New Year has been canceled. There is just no Coronavirus. While we wait for the impending viral cyclone, here is an update on the Coronavirus situation in Myanmar. And it is “so far so good” here in former Burma. Surprisingly so, because […]

Brilliant Burmese Breakfast Breakdown

An early bird Top 10: Myanmar boasts some of the most elaborate breakfasts you can think of. Many of the ubiquitous tea shops already open at 5 am and draw crowds throughout the day. When you travel to Myanmar, do not miss out on a couple of the following Breakfasts of the Heavens.   1) Fishy […]

Why do monks’ robes have different colors?

Burmese dress unlike other monks in Southeast Asia. Here in Myanmar, monks wear red-brown robes that are very unlike the ones you see in Thailand and Cambodia. Why is this exactly? Access to dyes plays a big role It’s not like the Great Lord Buddha ever stipulated that monks in Myanmar wear maroon-colored robes while […]

Myanmar: We are building a bungalow on our beach in Myeik Archipelago.

If you love undisturbed, tropical nature, this is for you. Also, if you wish to be among the first to discover this unique archipelago, now is the time. Myeik Archipelago is slowly catching the attention of the world. Camping on a pristine beach in Myeik Archipelago Finally, we are building the first bungalow on our […]

Myanmar boasts the most ridiculous speed limit in the world

Someone has a screw loose. Myanmar blends temples, mountains and pristine beaches with arbitrary nonsense. There is nothing quite like it, and we adore it. Of all the intrinsic beauty and nonsensical manifestations of Myanmar, here is our new favourite.   48 kilometres per hour. Yep. Indeed, in 2018, Mandalay drivers became subject to this […]

TOP 5: I Myanmar slipper man fugle løs for selv at komme i Himlen

Du vil grine og græde i Myanmar.   Her er en Top 5 over nogle af de ting, jeg synes er mest ejendommelige ved det gamle Burma.     1) Slipper fugle løs for at optjene Karma Du behøver hverken bede eller slide for at optjene Karma i Myanmar. Som sild i en tønde flimrer […]

Prayers, beans and stunning views

Beat the crowds and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring prayers of the monks at a little-known monastery in Sagain, Myanmar.

A terrific bang for your buck in Myanmar

Your foreign currency will now take you even further on your adventure in Myanmar.

Should I travel to Myanmar? Is it safe?

Yet again it is the time when many a globetrotter plans to travel to Myanmar for the upcoming high season. However, many are not quite convinced if it’s safe and politically legitimate. Here at Myanmazing Travel Agency, we don’t try to sugar-coat anything but we would love to help you better understand the political situation […]