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Welcome to the Modern Kingdom

From Mandalay almighty kings reigned through centuries – until foreign expansion became the final demise of the royal city. Full of – and surrounded by – places of great historical and archeological significance, Mandalay is not to be skipped.

Behold the greatly venerated Mahamuni Buddha image. Get lost in the kaleidoscopic array of colors at the Zaycho produce market. Enjoy a cool drink at the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River as the sun sets behind it.

You can also get out of town and take a boat to the majestic Mingun ruin, which was never finished by the king as his astrologers predicted completion would spell the doom of his reign.

A perfect vantage point

This legendary city is situated in the middle of the country. This location makes it a natural destination on almost any endeavour in old Burma.

Busses, trains and planes will take you anywhere you want to go, and we will help you find the best way of arranging your Burmese adventure.

Chilled city dwellers

When you speak to Mandalayans, they will tell you that the people here are the nicest in the country. That could be a stretch, of course, but there is no doubt that Mandalay has a good balance in that it has a busy urban feel to it while it still retains a very provincial, slow-paced life; something that is reflected in the spirit of its inhabitants.

“Yarbardel”…. everything will be fine…

In Spain, they like to say: “Manjana” when talking about something that can be postponed. Here in Mandalay, they quite often say: “Yarbardel”, which has exactly the same meaning, while it also often means “it will be ok” or “no worries”. “Yarbardel” is not unique to Mandalay at all, but if you compare the Mandalayan mentality to that of Yangon, it is clearly felt that life here is suburban, largely comfortable and without too much stress.