Myeik Archipelago

Probably one of the most exciting areas to be opened up to the rest of the world in recent time are these more than 800 bounty islands in the very south of the country.

With tourism here having only been available for a select few for many years, it is now possible for everybody to enjoy this blue dimension of sea gypsies, silver sand beaches and trails that have not been trodden for decades.

It is, however, also a vulnerable environment that needs nursing, and we encourage and arrange only environmentally responsible travel here.

It is breathtaking, indeed.

Going there

From Yangon you can take the bus or the plane all the way to Myeik. Kawtaung is another vantage point, but then you will have to travel to Myanmar’s extreme south. 

There are different ways of reaching the islands themselves. Writing now on 2019, the development is going through the roof. Whereas only one or two years ago there were only a handful of speedboats available, we are now talking about a small fleet. This naturally creates much needed competition and the prices are slowly going down. Equally, you will now always be able to find a boat for your trip.

Most people do one-day tours as Myanmar immigration laws make it very challenging for tour operators to allow foreigners to sleep in the Archipelago. However, we know some magic and if you have the time in your itinerary, we can only recommend to take a slow boat and live on our private beach for a couple of days. Nothing is more serene than that.