Ngapali Beach

The icing on the cake?

Turquoise waters stretch 7 kilometres on this paradisiacal beach.

Many years ago, Italian and Portuguese explorers were the first Westerners set foot here, and legend has it that “Ngapali” was derived from “Naples”. It may or may not be right, but you will find that you were right to choose this oasis if life or work have gotten to you – or if you just need to unwind. Furthermore, it is such a blissful way of finishing off an active holiday in Myanmar.

This is your sandy and salty medicine.

Gone are the pagodas. Gone is the haste.

Dive into the refreshing waves, and take the plunge into the unrivalled theatre of seafood and tropical equilibrium.

And there is plenty to choose from.

Five-star luxury is at your attention while more Spartan accommodation is also within your grasp. The extremes of lodging – and the middle ground in between – all make great vantage points to chill and unwind.

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