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Smooth it must and shall be

Despite our country was forgotten for a long time by many, we have been welcoming visitors here for 15 years. Be it a tour group of 25 curious souls, a World Bank member with a hectic schedule or a trigger-happy ornithologist who wants to hit the swamps right away, we always create an enjoyable and smooth arrangement.

Ticketing Service

Bus, train, flight, boat, you name it.

Hotel Booking

Hotel, Motel and Guest House Booking

Guide Hiring Service

National and Local Guides.

Hot-air Baloons in Bagan

Enjoy the amazing view of Bagan from our Balloon Service.

Trekking Tour

Enjoy the trekking across the country.

Photography Tour

Recommended by famous professionals.

VISA Applcation Service

Tourist VISA application by us.

Did we forget something? Well, we have that covered too.

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