A terrific bang for your buck in Myanmar

Now your dollars or Euros will really take you a long way in Myanmar!

There is a time to appreciate depreciation. And in Myanmar that is now – at least if you’re entertaining the idea of experiencing this fascinating country yourself.


Never have you gotten more bang for your buck than what is now the case in Myanmar. Let’s not get too technical about it, suffice is to say that you can now get two pints of ice cold Myanmar beer for a single American dollar.

These divine concoctions make for a good rest after day of sightseeing.


This traveller-friendly development obviously also lends itself to the cost of your food, your bus tickets and a whole variety of other essentials that make a great Burmese adventure.


The Burmese currency, the Myanmar Kyat (MMK), has weakened significantly during the last months, and expedient explorers will do well to pounce on this chance to go beyond the boundaries of their normal budget restraints.

It’s not many months ago that you would get 1,300 MMK for 1 USD, yet because of the deprecation of the MMK, you are now actually able to get us much as 1,580. Indeed, people are speculating how long this can and will continue – and for the Burmese who do own USD, it is a daily mental struggle whether or not today would be the right day to cash in.

Bagan in the rainy season is a great place to appreciate depreciation.


After a long hot summer, temperatures are have finally fallen. This also marks the beginning of the high season. There are many things to appreciate here, and the latest one is perhaps depreciation, but the reason why people get mesmerized by Myanmar and so many choose to come back, well, that’s still down to the most fantastic people in Southeast Asia.

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